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Looking yonder to the fair horizons where our dreams lay in pure gold awaiting our arrival, we examined our slender masts, our fresh sails and our determined vessels yet to journey where only the bold, persistent and resilient vessels have ever reached. Friends and family were there to bid farewell and blow kisses, for, apart from being stakeholders, they were our living motivation.
That sea, that well respected and challenging vast blue expanse of knowledge, sacrifice and fortitude had now become our lot and not just one to simply course. And so we did, setting off into the blue yonder—Medicine. At first, we thought we could not, but the news of those who had made it there seared vividly into our every resolve. And as the waters began to rave and the winds bellowed fiercely, our hands turned the helm left and then right that we may steady our vessels and keep it on course.
And it happened not once or twice but eighteen exasperating times, each impact a strengthening experience. Although I must say, each day was a storm to weather considering whether the unpredictability of the weather was part of our voyage but with a friendly face and a helping hand, we all had our backs. In the distance we saw the harbor where we would dock and then continue with our journey—the quest for knowledge and the ardent aspiration to be a healer and a helper. When we finally made it to port, our faces brimming with joy, our hands coarsened by experience and our minds soaking wet with basic medical knowledge, a group of distinguished professionals and those supportive familiar faces were there to congratulate us. Phase one, cycle one and white coat ceremony are just synonyms for a milestone zealously realized. And how we will remember that day! Explicit beauty. Those are the two words to describe our journey so far, and this milestone tenaciously achieved. Although it was a momentary celebration, it will mark a perpetual streak in the minds of everyone who made it to the event. Many words were spoken, but only few will be remembered and each person will remember whatever he or she deems worthy of remembrance.
warning.png “Mind you, you are not yet doctors”—one of the few statements that kept reverberating in my mind all throughout the day and whether it be a warning or an encouragement, that I cannot tell. But one thing I know is that we can find solace within these words. First as a warning and second as an encouragement. That transient moment overladen with mixed emotions of joy, anxiety and anticipation when we finally donned our white coats—the profession’s uniform was all glitz and glamour, with a gazillion cameras flashing and burning our retinas simultaneously. Initially, the white coat felt as light as any other fabric
or cloth but it felt heavier as seconds gave way to minutes and minutes to hours. Not that we were tired (well, I really was) but rather we felt the weight of the responsibility and challenge that had been placed upon us. Thus, in essence, we were not just donning finely pressed white coats (saying “lab coats” is now an unforgivable blunder) but the obligation and mission to train as top-notch medical doctors. But we will not bear this responsibility alone. We have our living motivations, ourselves and most importantly our best teachers—
the patients. Being a Christian, I have always held vows in high regard, being cautious not to foolishly attempt one. But as this journey would have us do, we took an oath,binding to the very last word in the name of God. I wish I could have you read the entire oath but maybe just a few lines in it would give you an idea of what strong words we spoke on that day. To never see in the patient anything less than a fellow creature in pain and a promise to always challenge the extent of our knowledge, just to mention a few. These words among many were not just simply spoken, for then it would be least obligatory. But it was taken in the name of God which makes it the more binding. But we are men and women in pursuit of a profession known by all to be the noblest of all and as such this solemn vow must be a daily reminder until we finally graduate to take another oath with words much stronger but equally binding as what we have taken.

So today, we will celebrate our struggles and our achievements for indeed we deserve it. Tomorrow will come, when we must do what we do best—study and learn. And as surely as there is another day to live, there is also an opportunity to gather knowledge and experience to help save that fellow creature in pain who is sure to come our path in this profession. So yes, we have come far, but we must yet go far that we may reach not the end but as farther as we can. Check the sails, mend the leaking vessels and fortify the masts, for we must yet again return to sea. Let us set sail to the yonder blue.

Adieus and Godspeed!!!


Beauty… A quality much sought after than we care to admit and a concept poorly understood by this generation of Godly men and women. In this article, we shall focus on the beauty of a woman since it is the beauty that is appreciated by everyone exceptionally by men. A lady said, “Don’t look at […]

A quality much sought after than we care to admit and a concept poorly understood by this generation of Godly men and women. In this article, we shall focus on the beauty of a woman since it is the beauty that is appreciated by everyone exceptionally by men.
A lady said, “Don’t look at the outward beauty, look at the inner beauty.” A guy replied, “We don’t walk around with X-ray eyes, only ugly ladies give that excuse.” This was a joke that was trending on social media. Most people will laugh about it and even be in agreement with the guy’s response but only few will ponder the truth in what the lady said.
Notwithstanding, the saying that beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder is become a platitude
especially in relation to the beauty of women because when a woman is truly beautiful, it is only the blind who will fail to acknowledge and appreciate that the woman is indeed beautiful. However, it is also true that some ladies are born more beautiful than others and even ladies can attest to this but outward beauty is overrated and holds little value when held up against inner beauty. A clear line of distinction between beauty and sensuality also has to be strictly made seeing that most people often confuse the two, exchanging one for the other.
Consider an instance when a lady passes by a group of guys and being startled by the enthralling façade of swinging hips, painted face and lips and an erogenous dress, the guys turn in admiration, popping their eyeballs and looking all roused up. If you should ask those guys what is making their heads spin, they’ll most probably say that lady is beautiful—she is off the roof! Again, consider another lady, modestly dressed, not much make-up but having an aura of gentleness and quietness who passes by that same group of guys. Those guys are not going to have their eyes almost falling out or whistling or
unnecessarily roused. But they will admit to a peculiar beauty about that lady. When a lady is sensual, she is able to stimulate or rouse the sexuality of men by her dressing, makeup and gestures. In simple terms, she revs up her outward beauty to draw men. If the lady does it deliberately, pity the men who are overcome by her devious act. If she is sensual unintentionally (which is really weird), pity them both. Beauty on the other hand is different. It is mild. It is appreciated and recognized by all as good. It is only the pervert and the carnal mind who will gaze upon true outward beauty which is not sensual and become sexually aroused. It is a common thing to hear most ladies admit that they would want to settle down with a handsome Godly man. Ladies, this is mutual. Men also desire to be with a beautiful Godly woman. But inasmuch as this has become the desire of the age, countless people fail to achieve this desire. They fail to understand what true beauty is and what can feign it. Let us now go down to Scriptures.
1 Peter 3:3-5
Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewellery, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourself instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a Gentle and Quiet spirit which is so precious to God. This is how the holy women of old made themselves beautiful. They trusted God and accepted the authority of their husbands.
The words have been highlighted for a reason.
I’m sure there’s a lot running through your mind right now. So should I stop wearing jewellery, and going to the salon to fix my hair, and the mall to buy beautiful clothes? Well, hold that thought for a moment.
Ladies, you are well aware of the incalculable amount of time you spend each day in front of the mirror. you know, that should you sum them up, they can amount to years. Years that could probably be channeled into something else yet more valuable than this. The shocking truth is that even as you spend so much time in front of the mirror trying to adorn yourself and appear stunning, you are indirectly doing this to attract ungodly men that you don’t want in the first place. It is true that you will get many eyes to look at you but the true Godly man that you so much desire is not moved or attracted by your makeup and expensive clothes. Because the true Godly man knows that this beauty that you are so much concerned about will fade in a single passing moment. And not only is it fading quickly, but it is not
precious in the eyes of His God. There is yet another kind of beauty—the only true beauty, that only the trained eyes and humble Spirit of Godly men can see and will always appreciate.
And that is the unfading beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit. Every Godly man deserves respect from his wife and for her to submit to his authority in the context of marriage. And every Godly woman deserves love from her husband. A Gentle and Quiet Spirit will lead to a woman submitting to her husband and her husband loving her even more. The gentle and quiet spirit of a woman will subdue her husband contrary to what the world believes that she will be trampled over and treated less than a woman. This kind of beauty is rare in a world that celebrates sensuality and worships it as a god. The world might be appalled at you for not looking sensual but it cannot deny your unique beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit. Your search for a suitable Godly man depends on this kind of beauty and the very sustenance of your marriage does too.
A good friend once told me of a grading system he uses to assess ladies. He calls it points and pluses. The points are the major grades which is more often than not very common and the pluses (which are extremely rare) buffer the points. For example, when a woman has true outward beauty, it is a strong point. But if she has no plus to buffer her point, then her point is pretty much useless because every lady can have such a point. Only a few have plus
es and in this case, the plus of an inner beauty—A Gentle and Quiet Spirit. So ladies, we know you have strong points but please seek to buffer those points with the pluses that Godly men are critical of.
So dear lady reader, your concern is not with fancy hairstyles or expensive clothing and jewellery but rather with the possession of a Gentle and Quiet spirit. Instead of spending hours in front of a mirror with so much attention and relevance ascribed to your outward beauty, spend time praying for and developing the beauty within which is precious both to God and the man who will find your heart.
And dear gentleman, if you’re fascinated and mesmerized by sensual beauty and the beauty without, then you should be careful. It might take your breath away. Metaphorically in the passing moment and Literally as the years go by. You don’t walk around with “X-ray eyes” but look beyond the beauty without and see the beauty within which is the true beauty which lasts and gets even better as the years go by. But as history always finds a way to repeat itself, many people will end up becoming bitter about their relationships and marriages and even seek divorce because many do not esteem the Wisdom of Scripture and thinking to be wise, they become fools and simple in their ways…

Secret Admirer…

Knowledge of the heart is perceived by only two…God and the heart itself…



At sunset

she is here


no different

she will come

The beach

like me

treasure her presence

The wind

unlike me

can feel her body

Afar off

at a distance

I feel she’s troubled

She screams

all her problems

she needs help

I watch

my eyes fill

with tears unending

She sits

all alone

so she thinks

Looking round

I am alone

I don’t mind

Only admiring

yet my heart

aches so much

Not painful

or too sweet either

it’s one of a kind

It’s late

she is there

and I’m tiring

But wait

just a while longer

I’ll meet her gaze…

I wish

I could end

her sorrow with an embrace

But no

She is strong

and staring now

Not me

the other admirer

the big blue ocean

If only

I could be the ocean’s tide

I’ll wash ashore and touch her feet

but hey

my eyes are content now

someday my heart will also be…

The World Beyond Ours…

Ever taken a look at the night sky…

See the neat brushstrokes

Revealed on a dark canvas

Marvel at the mosaic

Of undulating celestial wonder

Why does this tapestry sparkle?

Ponder how it soars

On an invisible pole.

Has it always been there?

Bright speckles with tentacles

Flicker in chorus,

A Morse code to de-Cypher

The signature of the Artiste

Connect the dots

Tell me what you see

Away with superstition

And don’t toe the line

Exaggerate your perspective

With Galileo’s far-seeing eye

Now magnify the Artiste

For such Vista through Galileo’s Windows

Tread gently on this Art and hope to be lucky

Witness how pride goes before a fall

As a speck streaks the painting in flames

Make a wish, another is born

Consider the four shifting faces

Of the boomerang that returns a pie

Appreciate, and don’t moon over it

For that is its life upon all admirers

Rend the tapestry

And gaze beyond

Discover the continuum

Of an original fabric slit in twain

Take my hand

For the night is coming

Watch in awe as it comes alive

The beautiful world beyond ours…